Cycling holiday

The emotions of mountain biking on Lake Garda

Your destination for a holiday with a racing or mountain bike? Lake Garda, of course!
With its unmistakable climate, its great variety of landscapes and a network of routes of every difficulty, it will to conquer the heart of every cyclist.
Our hotel in Navazzo, near Gargnano, is the ideal base for reaching Valvestino, a land of picturesque villages, churches and museums.

Hop on your bike and breathe the authenticity of the territory ...

Hotel Tre Punte offers cyclists a bike storage area. In addition, it offers an electric mountain bike rental service so you can explore the surroundings in comfort.



Proposed bycicle routes:


From Navazzo, lago di Valvestino, Valvestino, Capovalle, Navazzo
36,69 km Circular Route

From Navazzo, Costa, Navazzo
21,93 km Circular route

From Navazzo, Monte Rocchetta, Fardola, Polzone, Rifugio alpino, lago di Valvestino, Navazzo
87,61 km Circular route

From Navazzo, Maderno, Navazzo
6,27 km One-way route

From Navazzo, Gaino, Navazzo
9,70 km Circular route

From Navazzo, diga di Vavestino, Navazzo
6,44 km One-way route

From Navazzo, Monte Gargnano, Navazzo
10,56 km Circular route

From Navazzo, Molino di Bollone, turano, Capovalle, Molino di Bollone, Navazzo
41,33 km One-way route

From Navazzo, Cabiana, Gaino, Maderno, Barbarano, Salò, Roè Volciano, Vobarno, Carpeneda, Sabbio Chiese, Nozza, Vestone, Lavenone, Anfo, Bagolino, Maniva, Navanino, Collio, Bovegno, Brozzo, Marcheno, Inzino, Gardone Val Trompia, Sarezzo, Gazzolo, San Sebastiano, Mosniga, Gazzane, Sabbio Chiese, Carpeneda, Vobarno, Roè Volciano, Salò, Barbarano, Maderno, Gaino, Cabiana, Navazzo
172,14 km One-way route



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