An articulated network of mountain trails connects the various localities scattered throughout the territory surrounding the district of Navazzo, site of the Hotel Tre Punte.



Gentle slopes, breath-taking panoramas and delightful glimpses of the landscape form the background for the endeavors of riders of every level, from beginners to expert.

The Hotel offers parking and a small workshop for quick repairs.





From Navazzo, Valvestino, Valtrompia, Val Sabbia, Gardesana, Navazzo 
186,89 km  one-way route »


From Navazzo, Gargnano, Riva del Garda, Ravazzone, Pedescala, Arten, Romano d'Ezzellino, Marostica, Caltrano, Arsiero, Posina, Valli del Pasubio, Recoaro Terme, Crespadoro, Cerro Veronese, Breonio, Bardolino, Torri del Benaco, ferry, Toscolano Maderno, Navazzo
399,08 km circular route »