Bike lake garda

A dense network of roads and trails covers the entire area of park Alto Garda (Upper Garda Park), leading the visitor in discovery of unique places of incomparable charm.





For bikers, Hotel Tre Punte offers a large, convenient garage for storage of mountain-bikes.

For those who decide to travel by car but wish to explore the beauties of the place on two wheels, Hotel Tre Punte offers its guests a rental service for bicycles, in addition to a little workshop for fast repairs of motorcycles and mountain-bikes.




Electric mountain bike rental service available previous reservation.




From Navazzo, lago di Valvestino, Valvestino, Capovalle, Navazzo
39,69 km Circular route »

From Navazzo, Costa, Navazzo
21,93 km Circular route »

From Navazzo, Monte Rocchetta, Gardola, Polzone, Rifugio alpino, lago di Valestino, Navazzo
87,61 kmCircular route »

From Navazzo, Maderno, Navazzo
6,27 km One-way route »

From Navazzo, Gaino, Navazzo
9,70 km Circular route »

From Navazzo, diga di Vavestino, Navazzo
6,44 km One-way route »

From Navazzo, Monte Gargnano, Navazzo
10,56 km Circular route »

From Navazzo, Molino di Bollone, Turano, Capovalle, Molino di Bollone, Navazzo
41,33 km One-way route »

From Navazzo, Cabiana, Gaino, Maderno, Barbarano, Salò, Roè Volciano, Vobarno, Carpeneda, Sabbio Chiese, Nozza, Vestone, Lavenone, Anfo, Bagolino, Maniva, Navanino, Collio, Bovegno, Brozzo, Marcheno, Inzino, Gardone Val Trompia, Sarezzo, Gazzolo, San Sebastiano, Mosniga, Gazzane, Sabbio Chiese, Carpeneda, Vobarno, Roè Volciano, Salò, Barbarano, Maderno, Gaino, Cabiana, Navazzo
172,14 km One-way route »